Food Rules

After researching and playing with several different food philosophies, we landed on a fusion that works best for our family. It's a "little bit raw, little bit vegetarian, little bit alkaline, and a whole lotta real food!" We do eat meat, though not very much.

We avoid:
1. Refined sugars and sweeteners
2. Refined flours
3. Packaged food
5. Sodas, juices, energy drinks

We eat lots of:
1. Fruits and Veggies (no limit)
2. Anything that comes from a plant
4. Millet, Quinoa, Amaranth
5. Legumes
6. Nuts and seeds

In moderation we have:
1. Chicken, pork, seafood, red meat
2. Sea salt (unrefined)
3. Olive oil, coconut oil
4. Organic (Raw) Dairy (cheese, milk, butter, etc)
5. Plain (unsweetened) greek yogurt
6. Raw, local honey, Pure maple syrup

Our basic rule: 70-80% fruits/veggies

Other guidelines:
We eat things raw as much as we can (cooked no higher than 104 degrees).
We always choose organic unless it's unavailable.
We attempt to eat local and seasonally as much as possible.
We try to be as economical as we can, always pinching pennies!

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