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After having a super easy pregnancy with my daughter I suffered two miscarriages.  It was such a painful and heartbreaking experience for me that I poured all of my efforts into figuring out why. The journey led me to discover so much about my health, my genetics, and the dangerous road we were likely on.  Now, I grew up in a farm town and I love vegetables. But I also grew up in the 80s where convenience food was a staple in our home.  As a matter of fact, my first job was at Dairy Queen when I was 14 and I remember eating ice cream and not much else.  Tho this was the skinniest time in my life, I obviously was eating nothing but milk and sugar.

Fast forward to genetic tests revealing a couple of blood clotting factors that relate to miscarriages and some nutrient testing from a naturopathic doctor that showed low levels of four nutrients that all relate to cell generation and formation.  It was immediately clear that the food I was eating was not providing the nutrients my cells needed to develop a child.  Not to mention I was turning on my genetic predisposition to blood clotting issues.  This could have meant certain stroke or other dangerous challenges in my future (as has already been shown by my family members).

So long story short, I started eating more fruits and vegetables, got rid of all processed food, eliminated dairy and most meats, and started taking Juice Plus+, a really cool capsule that has over 17 fruits and vegetables that you can take on a daily basis to make sure you have the bases covered.

Within four months, my nutrients completely changed.  I had changed all the cells in my body. I got pregnant and successfully had a baby boy.

I'm a full believer we can change our health strictly through the food we eat. What I experienced was a miracle - but I did it all myself.  I hope you are inspired to take the food challenge in your own home - however big or small you can.  My life calling is to people to adopt changes in a way that works for their families.  So many children have health challenges - whether something as simple as eczema or as challenging as autism. Food can make the difference. Why not give it a try?

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