Saturday, September 22, 2012

An important proposition

I'm continuously surprised at how many people are unaware of the fact that most of the food at the grocery stores has been genetically modified - and why that is not a good thing. On the ballot this year (in CA) you'll have an opportunity to put your foot down on GMO food - by at least making it something that you will be aware of.  Everyone has a right to make their own choices but we don't realize that we're making choices about things that we don't even know about.  It is so important for the labeling to become a part of our food choice process.

I ran across this super easy and compelling blog post about a mom on a mission for GMO labeling.

And I watched the video within it which I highly recommend you watch. Here is the link.

It's always good to educate yourself... even if it's hard to hear...

And even if it's not for you - vote for the children of our future...
Vote Yes on 37...
Keeping it real! Kathy

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