Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Garden Update

My good friend Karen came to visit last week and really helped to reinvigorate me on this blog.  I kind of assumed no one was looking at it anymore so I was letting it go.  But I've been hearing of several lurkers who were wondering why my posts stopped.  So I promise to post here more often.

First, I'll make a garden update.  The winter garden is still chugging along. Lots of broccoli and lettuce and chard.  We are just now getting our plants into the garden for the summer and will finish this weekend. Here I was thinking I had a head start over last year (memory told me we planted in June) but after looking back, it was Karen who helped me start the garden and it was early April.  I still can't believe that a whole year has gone by since we lost Liliana - and that we planted this garden for the first time only 3 weeks after we lost her.
Anyway - here are some pix of the garden....

Here is Karen's visit...she's picking out her tomatoes to take home!

Broccoli doing well - funny that only a week later it is now big and ready to eat...yummy!

These are some shelling peas that are blooming (again, only a week later they are more than a foot taller) and promising lots of peas!

The last of the celery (top row) - we just removed this to prepare for the summer tomatoes!

This is an old photo of Mike and his baby tomatoes (out of 120 seeds planted, over 90 made it). They are all 6 inches or taller now!  We've been giving them away and planting them.  Mike even dug up 4 rows for 3 tomatoes each in the front yard!!!


  1. I check in with all three of your blogs regularly. Keep it up. Can't wait to see pix of your little man. You look fantastic!

  2. Hahaha that reminds me of last year when I had organic tomato seeds and Mom told me to put "4-5" in a pot because they "won't all come up"... well they sure did, and both she and I hate to throw away a plant that worked so hard to bring itself to life... so we had something like 30-40 mature plants when all was said and done ;)


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