Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Raw Food Birthday!

Okay, I started this year with a goal of eating 50% raw. Then I had a goal of not visiting a grocery store for the month of April.   I didn't come close to meeting either goal.  Pregnancy (okay having a toddler AND being pregnant) make it more difficult to plan anything, let alone learn new ways of cooking or doing things quickly!!!  We do have at least 2 vegetarian days per week.  And since we do so much shopping at the farmers market (or in our backyard) we do have 1-2 all-local meals a week.
The raw diet is so easy but it is a long learning curve and has so many new techniques for cooking.  I love eating the food tho - so it's hard for me not to have it in me to convert at least 50%.  So this week, I talked with my recently converted "raw" foodie friend who has taken it all on and done really well (is curbing her endometriosis, in fact) and have been re-inspired.  So go figure that on my birthday, a day usually filled with Betty Crocker cake mix, I find a "raw strawberry shortcake" at my favorite food place www.healthycreations.com (I actually can go to the location....it's not like they sell this online).  Anyway - I had to show this off because not only was it beautiful, it was absolutely scrumptious.  And now I am re-inspired.  With my birthday money, I'm buying the vitamix. I will have no more excuses not to go raw!! I hope to learn how to do nut milks and make a few basic recipes before baby comes so I can get back on the 100% healthy bandwagon once I no longer have the pregnancy excuse!  I can't tell you how many meatballs I've eaten in the last 8 months. Makes me sick thinking about it!

Basically, the "cake" is almonds, coconut oil, agave/honey, and dates.  The frosting is cashew nut paste with honey (OMG so yummy).

We started the day with an egg over avocado, goat cheese, and arugula on toast (see, your kids really do eat what you eat...or what you give them!).

And I splurged on a latte - only made with Teechino rather than coffee.  Again - super yum.

Okay, I thought it was funny that all my "birthday" pix were of Kaelyn so here is one she took of me with Kdogger.  Approaching 32 weeks - still praying this little guy holds on and all goes okay.  


  1. Happy Birthday! Great picture of you and Kingston. I look forward to being able to go to HC with you after the babies come. I had pie for your bday yesterday. But, it most certainly wasn't the healthy kind. :)

  2. Happy birthday...you look beautifully pregnant.

  3. Kathy YOU look GREAT!!! I can't wait til Andrew Michael is here! You do not have very long to go. Good Luck and Congrats on being so brave and tough, eventhough it is so hard, YOU DID it and I am very, very proud of you, w/luv your sister Joyce


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