Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Growing and growing

Spring is truly a time for growth around here.  My belly is getting bigger by the day.  Bree got to come visit yesterday. She's on bedrest but was at the doctors and came over to hang out in the sun in the backyard for a bit.  It was great to see her (it's been a few weeks) and we finally got a prego picture together.  We are neck and neck, now sharing a due date.  

We also have significant growth in the garden. Turns out our once weekly rain shower all through Feb,Mar, and April really helped out!  Here are our "shelling" peas - meaning we will be taking the peas out of the pod!

And my most exciting growth spurt this spring... we have an artichoke!!! Can you see it in the middle? I actually screamed out loud when I saw it - sooooo exciting!

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  1. you were up early this morning. you beat me to a post. we are cute! i'm happy my belly finally caught up with yours. still hoping nora comes before andrew. :)


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