Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Restaurant Review: Starlite $$

We've had a hard time getting out to visit different restaurants since we keep changing nanny's.   It is funny, we are never able to plan our dates in advance.  Even if we have it on the calendar for a while, it always seems when we are rushing out the door we have no idea what we will be doing!  So for the last few dates I pick up my trusty restaurant guide - Edible San Diego.  Each major city has one specific to the city. We grab them at our farmer's market each week but you can also subscribe (and support the wonderful publication). We find our selves going through the list of restaurants, looking up their menus on the ipad and then giving them a try!  So far, it's been a giant success.  These restaurant's aren't necessarily going for "healthy" or "vegetarian" but they are definitely all going for locally sourced and REAL food.  Homemade, all natural, mainly organic, and VERY gourmet.  They even have a Sunday brunch that would be fun.

We visited the Starlite recently.  Starlight is a 21 and over establishment which we found kinda fun.  They have a mixologist (or two), a super cool and large bar in the middle of the restaurant, and some wonderfully fun drinks.  I tried two of them.  Mike stuck with beer (snore).  The food was delicious.  I had a cauliflower with a special sauce that was really good.  Mike had a burger and really raved about it. Even the bun was specially sourced.

I highly recommend this restaurant. It's not much to pull up to but inside is special - and a modern throwback to the 60s/70s.  Fun fun!

Sorry I don't have a photo - I gotta get better at taking them!

Keeping it real! Kathy

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