Saturday, May 2, 2009

Test results rolling in

So my test results began rolling in after a few weeks. Basically, everything came back normal except for two things. I have two gene mutations, both putting me at higher risk of blood clots (or deep vein thrombosis).

MTHFR - homozygous (means I got the mutation from both parents) but I have normal homosystein levels which means I probably don't have an issue absorbing folic acid or vitamin b6/b12

Prothrombin Factor II - heterzygous (means I got the mutation from only one of my parents)

Long story short: the doctors can not say that either of these gene mutations are WHY I had the second miscarriage (we already know the first one was from triploidy, a unique and very random occurance). But people who have had miscarriages are more likely to have these mutations.

Recommendation: take a baby aspirin a day while pregnant. Some say to do it for life or at least when having a major surgical procedure...but there is debate there.

So again, I started researching - what are the pros/cons of aspirin? What are more holistic ways to thin the blood? Turns out many. I'm still researching, but basically, Vitamin E, Milk Thistle, Vitamin C, Ginko Biloba, Fish Oil (Omega 3s) and Garlic can all thin blood or at least keep it from thickening. So now I'm looking into each of these.

In the meantime, our new garden is beginning to flourish and it is certainly a very "healing" experience. If there is no new baby to nurture, at least we have some green things to watch grow!

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