Saturday, May 2, 2009

Visit with the Perinatologist

What a day. We had a 4pm appointment on a Friday. Big mistake. I was counting down the last three minutes I was willing to wait for this guy before walking out and demanding a refund on my copay when he finally walked in. He could tell we were disgruntled after being stuck for an HOUR in a 10x10 space with an 18 month old. So he took us to a different room - all of 4x6. Oh was it fun to try to have a detailed conversation while dealing with Kaelyn DURING dinner time.
To make it all worse, he provided ABSOLUTELY NO NEW INFORMATION OR ASSISTANCE. Basically, a perinatologist is simply more in tune with "problem" pregnancies. So he will be helpful if we have any issues that come up with a subseqent pregnancy (not necessarily a miscarriage, but say there was a chromosomal defect or difficult pregnancy). So I supposed he'd be good to have on hand next time since a regular OB pretty much can't help you out if you have any kind of trouble (would have been good to know this a long time ago - what is the point of an OB???). But in general, he was pointless. He said to go talk to a Reprpoductive Endocrinologist to get more information about the issues with Mike's side of the family.

So I'll be making that appointment for after we get the chromosome study back on Mike, and I'm also going to make an appointment with an immunologist - just to see if we make any better headway.

I know this all seems in vain and pointless. But the fact is, there IS a reason for every miscarriage. They just don't put the effort into finding out what that reason is. And there is no way I'm going through this again only to find out that there was something wrong that no one found out. So on we go...

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