Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Plan for this blog

First, I would like to thank all of you who have been so supportive of me and our journey over this past year. Hard to believe that it was a year ago in two weeks that we received our positive home pregnancy test for Maya. Ugh. Time has gone too fast and yet too slow, all at the same time. It's been a journey, to say the least. It's been a tough choice to decide to share it so openly. It was my instinct to do so, even though it is not all that comfortable to be so exposed. I also haven't been completely supported by those who've known me well. I think it's hard for anyone who has not gone through this to realize that those who face challenges in growing their families (fertility, loss, etc) have to think about these issues every day of their lives. So although I do not feel I am actively grieving anymore, I still have to think about my health, wonder about what will happen next time, and go through all the ins and outs of each step of the way. It is still a part of my every day, even though I no longer miss my growing belly or ache for the baby I was getting to know.
I am glad to hear so frequently how often this blog has helped people. I didn't know if anyone would continue to read it or not. It's been helpful for me, more than I thought it would be. Something to put my mind into and keep me busy - so thanks for allowing me to share.
The health aspects obviously apply to everyone and my original hope was to chronicle my learnings, keep track of the knowledge I gain, and try to be organized about it all. I want to do more of this and find a way to make this site even more helpful for those who just feel overwhelmed by the lifestyle changes we face if we really want to live more healthfully.
The miscarriage aspects of this site obviously only apply to a smaller, and very unfortunate, group of people. It is my hope that we can be "in this together" even if it is only through this blog. And it is your support I cherish the most as no one but you know what it's like to be "on this side of the fence."

So for the most part, I will continue to use the blog as I have been. You'll sometimes get tidbits about me and my journey. And I'll continue to give recipes and food tips as I find them. But I'm going to challenge myself to continue to work on the "being organized" part a little more. And here is where the new plan comes in:
Each week I will post something that will "help" myself and others get organized about living healthfully. This may be a list of rules, a list of "must haves," a list of priorities, resources for where to get things, or other easy "cheat sheets" that are created based on a culmination of various research I've done.

For today, you get two:

Easy, healthier brownies:
  • 1 package No Pudge Brownie Mix (Trader Joes, Henry's, and I've seen them at Ralph's) - they aren't as healthy as making your own healthy brownies, but they do use wheat flour and cane sugar so they aren't as bad as Duncan Hines!
  • 1 cup canned ORGANIC pumpkin
  • 1 t vanilla
Mix the ingredients together - they will be very gooey
Bake according to the package.

Yum ;-) Can't even taste the pumpkin (which I actually like so I wish you did!).

And an easy list:
How to make Dairy Choices
  • First and foremost, any dairy product you buy should have no RBST/growth hormones (Trader Joes)
  • Second, organic is better than non-organic.
  • Third, raw milk is best b/c it actually has all the health benefits that you are SUPPOSED to get from milk whereas the pasturized milk does not.
There ya go - next week I will focus on making SUGAR choices!

If there is anything you want me to cover, let me know ;-) Even better, if there is something you already have researched, send it my way and I'll feature you in a post!!


  1. Love it! Thanks for the tips. I will definately try the brownies. I like pumpkin too. Did you know you can give pumpkin to Kingston when he has a stomach ache? We do it with Cassidy.
    Do you drink raw milk? Just the sound of it, scares me. However, I'm not really a milk/dairy person anyway. I'll have it milk when I have an occasional bowl of cereal. But, other than that, really not a fan.

  2. They have ways of eliminating the bacteria that are an alternative to pasteurization, correct?

    Also, that's funny that you post that about the brownies because I was meaning to tell you anyway that a client brought a big box of brownies to the clinic as a 'thank you' and they are rich and decadent and delicious and all of us agreed unanimously that they taste slightly of zucchini. As in zucchini bread. Random, right, but it works! I'm sure they're not healthy, but what a great added ingredient to add to healthy brownies, huh? I bet zucchini and pumpkin would go great together in brownies.

  3. I am on board no matter what you post. I always learn something when I come here. As for something I want to learn more about, I think it's eating healthy on a budget (which I know you touched on a few posts back). Our grocery bill is out of control (grocery shopping has always been a passtime of mine, but $180 trips to Whole Foods can't happen again). So more recipes that are cost effective would be great. I am a Trader Joe's junkie (always have been), but I can't be spending what I have been or my butt is going back to work (NO!).


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