Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Raw Milk

I received some questions about the safety of Raw Milk due to my post a few days ago. I know it's a little freaky. I did some research before adding raw milk to our diets, and I've mainly been operating on the knowledge that it does more good than harm. But I've found some excellent resources and thought I should share in an effort to educate. Thank you for asking me about this issue - it made me prioritize getting more answers!

My own grandfather was deathly and irreversibly ill from salmonella (supposedly from some bad chicken) just prior to the big salmonella issue in Illinios from bad milk...so I do not take this issue lightly.

Organic Pastures is the brand we actually buy. We are having an a "health" event on Oct 4th (save the date - I'm still working on the details) and this guy Mark is going to attend. I'm excited to have him here in person ;-)



Once again - it all boils down to (forgive the unintentional pun) the care and procedures used in bringing the food to the table.

Whole foods are better.
Organic is safer.

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