Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Finally, some really great news!

Kaelyn has a new job. Selling Juice Plus+!!  Just kidding.  But she loves her "vities" as we call them.
You all know how much work Mike and I have done with changing our eating habits and our lifestyle. We take these changes very seriously and know they are saving our lives. I don't ever want to be a preacher, but it is amazing to me how many people now ask us for our advice, our opinions, and our healthy resources. That said, we do consider ourselves somewhat "advocates" of better health and last week, I got the confirmation that we are in fact on the right track. Let me recap our story.

April 1: changed our diet to 70% fruits/vegetables, and very little packaged goods - our focus became what is known as "whole food nutrition"...eating things in their pure form, not their refined or "packaged" form.

May 15: I had a nutrition test (www.spectracell.com) and was found to be deficient in serine, choline, vitamin a, zinc, and borderline on quite a few other nutrients. So I started taking Juice Plus+ (www.miglioreliving-juiceplus.com) and supplementing the nutrients I was deficient in.

Mike and Kaelyn also started taking Juice Plus+.

Oct 1: I had a re-test on the nutrition test and all of my deficiencies are not just normal, but above normal. Through WHOLE foods, my nutrients were restored!

Why is this such a big deal? We can be walking around with deficiences and not even know it. In the end, they cause chronic illness. By restoring our nutrients, we can avoid disease and illness. But we can fix this just by eating more fruits and vegetables. We should be eating 9-13 servings of fruits and veggies a day.

In my case, each of my specific deficiencies is linked to miscarriage and later term-baby loss. They are all involved in the processes of RNA/DNA and cellular growth. We will never have a direct link between these nutrients and my miscarriages, but it's a definite indicator. I could also have had later life implications by not fixing these deficiencies.

I do feel grateful for this opportunity to look at my body's chemistry and I realize that most people do not have the ability or the impetus to do so. That said, we have found Juice Plus+ to be such an great option for supplementing our vegetable needs. Since they provide nutrition from 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains in a convenient and inexpensive capsule form, on the days when you don't eat enough of your fruits and veggies at least you know they've got you covered.

Needless to say, I decided to become a Juice Plus+ distributor since I believe so strongly in the product.  Stop by my website and check it out www.miglioreliving-juiceplus.com.

And I, for the first time in a while, have a glimpse of


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  1. Kathy I finally got to read about your two angels - Maya and Liliana. I am really sorry they are not in your arms right now and being a lost baby mom, I know the grief you feel. Our angel babies change our lives forever and yours have given you a new purpose.

    We all definitely are what we eat and so it is important to put good things into our body. At our home we do not buy any canned or frozen foods, we rarely eat out and we use spices that are supposed to be medicinal. However we do not use all organic stuff.

    Kaelyn is so cute. I am sure if she actually decides to sell she will have the highest sales. Love and hugss.


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