Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Two Pumpkins

We should have had a new little pumpkin in our family this year and we do not.  Sunday, October 4th, was our second unfulfilled due date this year.  I guess I'm getting kind of used to the passing of these dates - I wasn't even planning to do anything for this one.  But once again, I was struck with the idea of  how best to recognize the day at the very last minute...a visit to the pumpkin patch.  I decided that forevermore, our pumpkin picking day will be on October 4th.  Of course, who wants to pay pumpkin patch prices, right?  So we just picked out a small pumpkin each for Maya and Liliana.  Luckily these pumpkins will double as our pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving since they are the special "sugar" pumpkins just for that.  And our BIG pumpkins will come from the cheaper Trader Joes market!
Here is Kaelyn with her sisters' pumpkins...

And I would like a tshirt that says "I wanted a baby and all I got was this stupid pumpkin".... 
That's the sarcastic side of me.  But don't worry, there is the other side that looks at Kaelyn and sees how lucky we were to get this little miracle.  She is so much fun.  I've tried to concentrate on enjoying her as much as I can.  It is sure fun to have her birthday so close to Halloween and in the fall.  It would have been nice to have two fall birthdays.  In general, October is a sucky month now - a birthday that never got to be and an upcoming 1 year anniversary of our first miscarriage.  Last year on October 4th we were having Kaelyn's 1st birthday party and I was still pregnant.   The first few weeks of the month is tough, but it has a nice closing with Kaelyn's birthday - and that is where we will focus our energy. 


  1. Yesss, way to act now on the pumpkin for the pumpkin pie. I've never been able to find one even a couple weeks before thanksgiving. This year I'll get a few early and maybe scoop amd freeze some just in case and closely monitor the others and hope they don't spoil. You know it's still my biggest goal to make one completely from scratch!

  2. Oh, Kathy. I'm so sorry that you got a stupid pumpkin instead of a precious baby. Kaelyn shouldn't be the only beautiful baby pictured with the pumpkins. Maya and Liliana should be there too.

    On a totally seperate, random note... I heard that there is a canned pumpkin shortage this year.


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