Thursday, June 18, 2009

Grocery List

People who are aware of this "healthful living journey" we are now on have so many questions for us. I'm still finding ways of making this all easier on us and I plan to share my tricks to hopefully make things easier on others as well. One of the reasons we are all so unhealthy these days is because it is so much EASIER! And CHEAPER!!
We have finally put ourself on an official budget. I'm going to share our food budget and hope you don't judge but rather appreciate that I'm giving you a point of reference. I'm sure many of you spend much less, but I'm sure that many of you don't add all that you truly spend all week either. For example, this budget does not include eating out - but we really only eat out one day a week at the most - and it's usually lunch. Most people eat out quite frequently!!

So our budget is officially $125 per week. We tried $100 but it seemed that $125 was really doable whereas $100 was stretching it a bit. It's only been 2 weeks so I'll update you in another month as to our progress.

I went to Trader Joes today and here's what I got for $76.

-Greek Yogurt (super yummy, a new friend just turned me on to this b/c it apparently naturally increases progesterone)
-Flax/raisin bran cereal
-1/2 gallon soy milk
-canned black beans
-brown rice
-whole wheat penne pasta
-sprouted wheat bread
-fuji apples (four)
-salad mix
-Dark Chocolate (my one vice, I eat it each night)
-mango vanilla soy ice cream (Mike's vice!)

-slivered almonds
-canned artichokes
-"green" juice
-crumbled goat cheese
-veggie burgers
-shredded carrots
-almond butter

Oh - and organic blueberries. SOMEONE literally stole them off the counter while I was taking the first photo. Without my knowing, she walked over to her high chair, got in it, put the tray on and started saying "peash, peash"...which means, please can I have some blueberries? How cute ;-)
Obviously this list doesn't account for alot of other things we eat each week including eggs, tofu, any meat, and most of our veggies which I already had in the house. This is where that other $50 will come in handy. We usually spend around $20-30 at the farmer's market on Sunday so I'll post our goods on that day too.

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  1. Kaelyn is such a cutie!! She looks just like you.


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