Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Canning Experiment

So Mike brought home about 100 lemons and 100 oranges from his mom's house a couple weeks ago. They were gorgeous fruit but they were starting to go bad quickly. I thought it was a good opportunity to try canning before our own garden gets that prolific. So with my visiting niece Samantha's patient assistance - we did get some gorgeous cans of fruit to last for a while.

We did oranges with honey and preserved lemons. We did a total of 9 cans but one did not seal correctly.

Forcing the lemons into the jars (recommend wide mouth jars...)...

Before we did the cans, we squeezed the fresh juice of about 15 lemons and made little freezer cubes out of them. We also made a complete meal with lemon juice sauce/topping. Green beans with lemon juice, potato salad with lemon juice, fish with lemon juice, salad with lemon dressing and lemon raspberry tiramisu. Yum!

I forgot to save the grated rinds so I'll have to do that next time...

The perfect lemon raspberry tiramisu for Aunty Nancy's Birthday!

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  1. How fun and yummy! I bet it is nice to have Samantha there as a helper!


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